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Saturday Special

Dear God,
Today, give me the patience needed to walk through the storm. Remove the distractions surrounding me so I can keep my eyes focused on you. You are my storm breaker, peacemaker, and way maker.
With Love, Dr. K. L. ❤
Author of “An Army of Words” and “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”:

Friday Feeling

During times of confusion, times of silence, times of uncertainty, & times of difficulty, God is still working. Yes! He’s directing your path. Preparing your way even when you can’t see a way. He’s doing a good work. Read my new inspirational book here:

With Love, Dr. K.L.

Cropped Cover

An Army of Words

An Army of Words is a 21 day devotional that’ll encourage and help you get through your walk in faith. For 21 days, you will read scriptures and encouragement, answer self-reflection questions, and write a daily prayer. You can write your prayer and answers to the self-reflection questions inside the book. Find out more here:

With Love, Dr. K.L.