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The Play Maker

Sometimes, it may appear that all doors are closed. Opportunity is no where to be found. But keep praying. Keep putting in the work. Keep running your race. God sees you. He also hears you. He’s the ultimate play maker and way maker. He’s able to make the impossible…POSSIBLE.

With Love, Dr. KL 

Author of “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”:

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, we take life for granted. Enough is never enough. We compare what we have to what others have. But it is a blessing to be alive…to breathe…to be loved…to give love. Today is another opportunity. Small blessings add up to be big blessings. Count them. You’ll see.
With Love, Dr. KL
Author of “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”:

Just Keeping It Real

Thankful to be alive.

Thankful for the good days and not so good days.

Thankful for the lessons learned.

Experience is the best teacher.

Thankful for family and friends.

Good people are always welcomed.

Genuine love is always appreciated.

Thankful for a new day.

Thankful for a new sun.

Thankful for a new year.

With Love, Dr. KL 

Author of “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”: